Invigorating Group Fitness in Dallas, TX

Help reach your fitness goals with me, Mina, of Muscles On. I offer small classes on focused group fitness in Dallas, TX. Whether you are interested in resistance training or aerobics, I can offer focused attention to your needs, as each of my classes do not have more than five members.


I ensure that everyone is able to develop at the same pace during my fitness training program in Dallas, TX. Apart from strength workouts and aerobics, group sessions also incorporate the following exercises:

• Barre classes

* Strength and Conditioning

• Fitness Kickboxing • Flexibility Training • Core & Stamina Training
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It is never too late to start your journey to a healthier life! Let me help you overcome your fears when you sign up for one of my classes. There are no commitment contracts or subscriptions required, so you can attend sessions based on your personal preference. Depending on the demand, more classes may be scheduled every week.

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